Private Time / Cocktail and Private Time

1 hour: 300 Euro*
2 hours: 450 Euro
3 hours: 600 Euro

Jil: more info

Dinner/Lunch/Event and Private Time: Jil, Tanja, Leonie, Theresa:

3 hours: 550 Euro
4 hours: 700 Euro
5 hours: 850 Euro
6 hours: 950 Euro


Short Overnight up to 12 hours: 1200 Euro
Long Overnight up to 15 hours: 1400 Euro

Travel dates

Rates on request

Couple dates

Rates on request

*individual minimum booking length based on the location in each lady's profile

Driving expenses
will be calculated individually, e. g. Düsseldorf 40 Euro, Bonn 40 Euro, Aachen 60 Euro. In Cologne city centre, we don't charge any driving expenses.

Travel expenses

Germany: 100 Euro plus tickets (train or plane)
Europe: 150 Euro plus tickets (train or plane)
World wide: 200 Euro plus tickets (train or plane)